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Trionet delivers the integrated IP intrusion detection equipment that protects the safety and security of anyone, anywhere. We provides wired and wireless solutions capable of detecting and notifying operators in the case of serious threats. Security solutions emerged of the need to stem the increasing number of attacks on corporate information systems via hacking/cracking, viruses, worms. etc. Ultimately, we offers trustworthy and secure home security systems solutions whenever and wherever you need it most.

Home Security Systems By Trionet

Trionet provides a variety of managed security services capabilities including firewall, VPN, gateway anti-virus, gateway anti-spam, intrusion prevention, content filtering, bandwidth management, application control and centralized reporting as basic features. Data security and unauthorized employee access have become major business concerns for enterprises today. This is because malicious intent and the resultant loss of confidential data can lead to huge financial losses as well as corresponding legal liabilities. As network infrastructure and threats continue to evolve, so too must the threat management security solutions to protect organizations. Your business needs a high-quality, scalable application testing solution that offers both manual and automated testing approaches while being cost effective.

We have got you all covered with our security services like CCTV camera services, networking solutions, IT solutions, access control with fingerprint biometric device. Contact us now to secure your home and office space. 


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Frequent Questions

What features does a basic home security system include?

Many functions are available in home security systems, however the most basic features may be sufficient for your needs. A basic equipment set includes sensors for all vulnerable entryways, as well as one or more infrared sensors for motion detection inside the house. These sensors are connected to a control panel with a loud siren and a link to a monitoring firm that can dispatch emergency responders. With their basic equipment sets, we also include keychain remote controls. The system's arming, disarming, and notifying emergency personnel are all controlled by a remote control. There are also mobile apps for controlling and monitoring security systems.

Will my pet trigger the motion detector?

Even if you share your house with pets, home security systems can be totally functional. To begin with, a standard motion sensor will not detect a cat, dog, or anyone under the weight of 40 pounds. (Sensors with various weight settings are also available.) Second, current home security technology can tell the difference between human and animal motions. To guarantee that pets do not cause false alerts, pace and movement patterns are taken into account, as well as mass.

What aspects of security systems are "smart home" or "home automation"?

A "smart home" can be created by installing home security systems. Home automation is the term for this type of system. The lighting, thermostat, and other systems in your house may all be controlled and monitored using mobile apps for security systems. Customers pick home automation for increased security, convenience, and cost control.

Is it better to go with a hardwired or wireless security system?

Both hardwired and wireless security systems have benefits and drawbacks.


Although a hardwired system is the most dependable, there is a chance of cables being severed. Hardwired systems can require greater installation time. Wireless systems are more versatile and may be set up in less than 30 minutes without the assistance of an expert. They're also movable; a wireless system can be moved from one location to another. Although the cellular signals utilised by wireless security systems are stronger than those used by cell phones, poor signal and electromagnetic interference are still possible.

Do wireless security systems work in the event of a power outage at home?

Some wireless security systems can work even when the power is down. It depends on how the security system and the monitoring centre communicate. If the alarm system is connected by the Internet or VoIP, it will lose connectivity if the Internet goes down. If you use cellular radio, your alarm system will be able to communicate even if the power goes out and you can't have Internet access.

Is it safe to use wireless security systems?

Absolutely. A burglar may cut a landline far more easily than they can interrupt the wireless signal to the Alarm Response Center. An alarm will sound if an intruder attempts to disable your security panel or base before the system is penetrated. Sensors that are wireless are also safe. Because they aren't restricted by landlines or wall mounts, they can be hidden from prying eyes. An alert will be triggered if a sensor is tampered with.

Is it worthwhile to invest in a home security system?

When deciding whether a home security system is worth the money, consider what you value and what an alarm or burglar system can provide. Burglaries are prevented by home detection and security systems, which may also detect carbon monoxide, flooding, smoke, and fire. Give you peace of mind knowing your home, belongings, and loved ones are safe, even if you're at work, travelling, or otherwise away from home.

What is a monitoring service's purpose?

Security alarms and monitoring services frequently go hand in hand since they are extremely complementary. Essentially, most home security firms employ their own team of highly trained operators who have been trained to respond to an emergency. The monitoring personnel will be contacted as soon as your defence system detects symptoms of a home invasion.

How can I turn off my home security system?

Alarm systems should only be turned off as a last option to get them out of alarm mode. It is necessary to find and unplug the transformer. (In many cases, the transformer's connection to the outlet will need to be undone.) You must also disconnect the battery connection once the transformer is unplugged. To ensure that the alarm system shuts down, both terminals on the battery should be unplugged. If you turn off the alarm system without first contacting us, a breach alarm will be sent.

How can I prevent the intrusion/trespassing in my premises with a good surveillance system?

Imposing a camera outdoors or even within your home is a great choice if you require full evidence and tight protection for your home. These surveillance cameras can be placed in front of your front gate, on your lawns, or anywhere else where you can keep an eye on things at all times. It is also beneficial in that you may view all of the camera's footage and recordings even if you are far away from your home. These cameras are ideal for surveillance in both the home and the office.Installing a home security alarm system is also a good choice to prevent intrusion.

How to get the footage instantly if someone trespass my premises?

Every surveillance video is saved to a local or cloud-based storage system. The footage is recorded directly into the card or hard drive with local storage, whereas cloud storage immediately uploads the footage to a cloud server, which usually requires a monthly membership. We recommend cameras that have both cloud and local storage, so that if one fails, you can fall back on the other. You can access the footage whenever you wish from this location.