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CCTV Surveillance project installed for a residential project at Ponganmodu Trivandrum

Precarious incidences reported in recent times has triggered security concerns. Organizations, Institutions, Residential complexes are looking for feasible surveillance solution, that can address their security concerns and offer total peace of mind.

 Working on innovation has consistently been a center way of thinking at Trionet. So be it the IP cameras dependent on present day fitting and-play innovation that are amazingly simple to introduce or the conventional Analog HD CCTV, Trionet is exceptional to oblige the necessities of private, SOHO, SME, Banking, Hospitality or some other business foundation.

CCTV Camera Installation Services By Trionet

 Trionet IP based observation innovation permits clients to coordinate sound and movement finders into cameras, without the requirement for extra equipment and cabling. Additionally they make it conceivable to investigations caught video content and raise cautions consequently when dubious action is distinguished, for nonstop observation with negligible staffing Similarly our Analog HD scope of items are a characteristic expansion of our reconnaissance portfolio, and proposition astonishing lucidity, reasonableness and is upheld by Trionet fantastic help foundation. Contact us to get the best cctv camera installation services

Apart from CCTV camera services, we also provide managed security services like home security systems, biometric fingerprint scanner for biometric access control, networking solutions etc.


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Frequent Questions

What is the duration of recording?

Period of recording is decided by a number of factors that are image resolutions, FPS, Hard disk space and recording setting. As an example,4 cameras on a 2TB HDD are going to be able  to record up to 3-5weeks if the system is about to record on motion recording at 12 FPS and 1080P resolution.

What is the camera’s area of coverage?

The realm of coverage depends on the Lens size that you simply opt for. As an  example, a 2.8mm lens are going to be  able to provides a wide coverage of a hundred and twenty degree where as a 12mm lens can provides a slender angle of twenty five degree. 

What is the average lifespan of CCTV Cameras?

CCTV Cameras typically have a period of 3-5 years. However, we had suggest customers associate in  an upgrading of the camera once  3 years. It will be to make  sure that the image quality and unbroken at pristine condition so it can higher facilitate post event investigation.

Can the camera operate in low light environment?

Yes, all our cameras area unit fitted with twilight vision capabilities. Once the camera senses that the realm is dark, twilight vision mode are going to be activated, serving to users to be able to read the realm even in complete darkness.

For an IP camera surveillance system, what kind of network connection do I need?

For your network, you can utilize a hardware router (wired) or a WiFi connection (wireless). Wired networks are more secure and stable, and while WiFi is more convenient, it increases the requirement for security. We can assist you in encrypting these networks and customising a wireless network to reduce the likelihood of any WiFi setup issues. You could also utilise a cellular network, which is generally safer than WiFi but slower. Trionet can go over your alternatives with you and help you decide which one is appropriate for your unique setup and security requirements. Contact us today for professional CCTV Camera installation services.

What is the difference between IP and CCTV cameras?

Closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras are a type of analogue camera that records video on a digital video recorder (DVR). They're dependable, affordable, and simple to set up. They do not, however, provide the same level of versatility, high resolution, or security as IP cameras.

What are the components I'll require for this system?

An IP surveillance system requires IP cameras, an NVR or other sort of storage system, and peripherals such as microphones and speakers, which are usually embedded into the cameras and do not require additional parts. We can help you identify your demands and match you with the best equipment for your budget at Trionet. Contact us for the best CCTV Camera service.

What benefits do IP surveillance systems offer?

Traditional CCTV systems do not offer many advantages that IP surveillance solutions do. They provide: 


  • Higher resolution


  • Easy installation


  • Improved capabilities for the cost


  • Faster and more dependable


  • Easy management, and


  • Easy compliance with IT regulations, among other benefits.
What happens if the electricity goes out?

Security As soon as the power is restored, the DVRs and NVRs will turn back on. However, we recommend using an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), which can offer short-term backup power while also acting as a surge protector. This assures that your video surveillance will remain operational even if the power is off, allowing a break-in to go unreported.

How much storage do you need?

It is suggested that commercial security camera footage be kept for at least 30 days in most cases. Camera footage is frequently held for up to 90 days in major operations, necessitating a larger storage system with more capacity. Using more physical space and hard drives, as well as more terabytes of space, means storing more footage. To keep 1080p footage for 30 days at industry standard frames per second, the average 12-camera corporate security system requires at least 8 terabytes of space.

Do security cameras require a Hard Drive?

Hard drives and/or cloud-based storage are required for recording security camera footage. The DVR contains a hard disc if you have an analogue security camera system. In the event of a hard drive failure during IP camera system installation, the NVR can use hard drives for onsite recording and cloud-based recording.

Is it necessary for outside cameras to be weatherproof?

If you're installing an outdoor security camera system, be sure all of the cameras are waterproof and weatherproof, and that they can survive wetness, heat, and cold. Commercial outdoor security cameras are a fantastic choice for any security system, but they should be properly supplied with the necessary casings, or else they may be destroyed. People won't be able to tamper with or vandalise your company video system if you choose tough camera casings.

Can you use an outdoor security camera indoors?

Indoor security cameras are more durable than outside security cameras. Large bullet cameras, for example, are simply too cumbersome to be put properly indoors. The majority of indoor security cameras, on the other hand, are neither weatherproof or durable enough to endure the rain, wind, and snow of the outdoors.

Do security cameras work in low-light conditions

Not all security cameras work in the dark. A shutter on security cameras with low-light capabilities permits more light to enter the camera's sensor. The brighter the image, the more light that is let into the camera. Even these low-light cameras, however, have digital noise, which makes the dark image look fuzzier. Some security cameras use 2D and 3D digital noise reduction to help with the fuzziness. Some security cameras now include infrared light, which is undetectable to the naked eye but detectable by the camera's sensor.

What is biometric and body temperature access control?

The new biometric door reader provides face and palm authentication. It  can also forestall the entry of  someone that has an elevated temperature or if they are not sporting a  protecting  mask.

What happens if there is power cut?

Once power is back up the DVR or NVR can power back up. If powercuts are frequent in your space we tend to suggest using an uninterruptable power supply (UPS).

Can i view my camera's from computer or mobile phone?

With the App you will be able to connect to any of our recorders as long as there’s a network association.

Can I backup the footage from a DVR/NVR?

Yes, through the USB port, that is on the rear of the DVR/NVR. For additional details, please be happy to contact us.

Which brand should you choose for the cctv security system?

In this common platform you will find a number of brands and solutions. The common brands are Hikvision, CP Plus, Dahua, Honeywell, Trueview, Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Godrej  etc. To choose the right brand from this we must understand the brand value of the system which meets your requirements. When you are consulting with a the best security system company or a consultant make sure all these are available:

1) Choose the brand which is easy to handle or user friendly.

2) Always choose make in India since we access the device remotely the cloud will be server in the country of origin. So for safety this would be recommended.

3) Do they have service offerings nearby or offices in the access limits.

4) Warranty for the device. 2 years above will be best to choose. But if replacement is there it would be good for your after sales support.

5) Ask the complaint ratio for the brand. Which will define the quality of the brand.

6) Lead time to get the item in the warranty period. So if any service requires how long it will take to get the items back after the service. Choose the brand if they have the lead time within 20 working days.

7) Choose the brand who has DOA (Dead On Arrival) support. All these electronic items are coming after the quality checks, even though they might have issues in the manufacturing time. So that can be seen on the time of fixing of within 10 days after the installation. So in that case if the brand has the DOA support it will help you to replace the material within the next business day. This would be an advantage to choose the brand.

Which type of Surveillance system should I choose - CCTV or IP Camera?

Installing a video surveillance system you can trust is critical whether you're seeking to monitor suspicious activities or just want to know what's going on at your business at all times. While both CCTV and IP-based surveillance systems have benefits and drawbacks, CCTV security cameras have emerged as the clear winner for a number of businesses. Because IP-based security systems work in the same way that computers do, they take longer to set up and require regular network maintenance to ensure that they function effectively.


 To transmit video surveillance, IP-based surveillance systems additionally require a built-in network video server and specific IP addresses. When it comes to CCTV surveillance systems, the lower cost, dependability, longevity, and ease of use distinguish them from IP-based systems.

Why should you need a professional consulting to design the security surveillance for your premises?

Modern businesses are increasingly concerned about security. A tiny number of bad actors can have a huge negative influence on your business, yet most small to medium-sized businesses don't have the budget for in-house security and risk management.


Professional security consultants are available to assist organisations in overcoming these obstacles on a budget. They provide powerful security environments to businesses of all kinds, ensuring that their employees are protected while reducing avoidable losses.Trionet can offer excellent expertise to your facilities with only one phone call.So contact us for best CCTV installation services.

What will be the cost for a 4 camera system?

Depending on the feature you want, security cameras might be inexpensive or expensive. However, we must include in the expense of the installation process. For a full system setup and labour, a 4-camera CCTV installation for a home typically costs 45k to 121k. Surveillance cameras cost between 37k and 18k per, with installation costs ranging between 6k and 15k per camera.

How will I get alert if someone tampered my surveillance system?

Most surveillance systems have tampering alarms, which are a great security feature. When the camera is tampered with, you will receive an alert. The alert notifies you to log into your video management system to check what happened once an activity has been identified, whether it's someone trying to bash the camera down or obscuring its view.

Can I have a two way talk option in the surveillance system?

Two-way audio is a feature that enables communication with your security cameras through your surveillance cameras. It is compatible with most home security cameras, including interior security cameras, outdoor security cameras, IP cameras, and IP cameras. To use the 2-way audio feature, you don't need to buy an extra microphone or speaker. They come with built-in microphones and speakers, allowing you to converse and listen to your family in real time.

Do I get cloud backup storage for the surveillance system?

Yes, it integrates with your security cameras and NVR to allow you to save recorded video on the cloud for quick access from anywhere. This provides various benefits over storing all surveillance recordings on an NVR, including the ability to access videos from anywhere and a higher storage capacity than your NVR.

How can I retrieve the Hard Disk data from my surveillance system if the hard drive gets damaged?

Security is provided via surveillance systems. As a result, it's critical to keep the data on these systems safe. Professional data recovery software is the simplest and most efficient approach to recover data from a crashed hard drive. It is a cost-effective and time-saving method of data recovery.

What will be the general maintenance time period needed for my surveillance system?

The frequency with which you must maintain your video security system is determined by its age. In older systems, you should inspect all of the components at least once every three months. For newer models, every six months should suffice as a maintenance interval.

Should I choose a PIR sensor camera or motion detection cameras?

A PIR sensor security camera is one that has a PIR sensor and uses that sensor to detect motion. This implies security cameras that can detect people instead of sheets flapping in the wind. The motion detector security cameras, on the other hand, use inconspicuous infrared LEDs to give covert infrared video monitoring. That is, both are preferable to one another

If there is no internet facility in my area what is the best option for getting my camera in remote access?

If you require a security camera for an off-grid location without WiFi or cellular connectivity, battery security cameras with local recording to an SD card are the best solution. The SD card can then be removed from the camera and used to review footage on your computer.Wifi camera also don't necessarily need an internet,but you will not get notifications