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Trionet delivers the clients with a competitive advantage through the design and implementation of flexible and reliable IT Solutions, Datacenter Solutions, Structured Cabling Solutions and Audio Video Solutions that will allow your business to cost effectively plan, install, and manage the complex IT infrastructure required by today’s networks.
Trionet provides the services for network management and optimize bandwidth for voice, data and video and wireless communications. A Unique end-to-end technology infrastructure portfolio encompassing Server Room Solutions, Building Systems, I.T Cabling and IP Technology with a proven and highly skilled work force with a breadth of technical expertise and ability. Our connectivity services deliver secure, reliable connectivity with low latency and high availability-whether you are connecting between geographically diverse locations or points within the data center.


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Frequent Questions

What is the duration of recording?

Period of recording is decided by a number of factors that are image resolutions, FPS, Hard disk space and recording setting. As an example,4 cameras on a 2TB HDD are going to be able  to record up to 3-5weeks if the system is about to record on motion recording at 12 FPS and 1080P resolution.

What is the camera’s area of coverage?

The realm of coverage depends on the Lens size that you simply opt for. As an  example, a 2.8mm lens are going to be  able to provides a wide coverage of a hundred and twenty degree where as a 12mm lens can provides a slender angle of twenty five degree. 

What is the average lifespan of CCTV Cameras?

CCTV Cameras typically have a period of 3-5 years. However, we had suggest customers associate in  an upgrading of the camera once  3 years. It will be to make  sure that the image quality and unbroken at pristine condition so it can higher facilitate post event investigation.

Can the camera operate in low light environment?

Yes, all our cameras area unit fitted with twilight vision capabilities. Once the camera senses that the realm is dark, twilight vision mode are going to be activated, serving to users to be able to read the realm even in complete darkness.

What is biometric and body temperature access control?

The new biometric door reader provides face and palm authentication. It  can also forestall the entry of  someone that has an elevated temperature or if they are not sporting a  protecting  mask.

What happens if there is power cut?

Once power is back up the DVR or NVR can power back up. If powercuts are frequent in your space we tend to suggest using an uninterruptable power supply (UPS).

Can i view my camera's from computer or mobile phone?

With the App you will be able to connect to any of our recorders as long as there’s a network association.

How to find the best security system dealer or a company?

You will find so many companies who provide security systems. But to choose the best one among them is the most critical factor. Since your security is the most concerned and sensitive area, choosing the right supplier is very important. Some of the methods to find the supplier are shown below:
1) Testimonials: Search from Google or other search methods as "best security system supplier in your location". You will get few of the contacts. Check the reviews and testimonials of their previous works given by the users.

Click here to see an example:

2) Professional Team: Ask for a site visit to study your needs in detail. And based on the inputs they will provide the best and suitable solution. It shows the professional approach to find the solution.
To get a professional consulting, contact +91 8921796900

3) After Sales: Discuss with the supplier for their after sale service support. If they have some excellent plans and offers that make them unique in the market. This is the right area where we make a good decision.
example: AMC, CMC, Complimentary offers etc

4) Experience: While on your discussions you should make sure they have got enough experience to handle the project. It will give a better perfection for the work.
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When you find the best system supplier from the above you can decide to work with them.